Top 5 Local Cafes in Bacoor & Imus, Cavite

As a medical student, Coffee makes me alive. The aroma & its bitterness keeps me company. As I believe that my own house is my comfort zone that I should not do any (school)works… So i started discovering local cafes near my area and searching an alternative for coffee. Time to support Local Coffee Shops!

1. Classic Home Brew

(17, Castañeda St, Imus )

Near Imus Cathedral. Its basically a house turned into coffee shop! Very affordable for a student. This is my most favorite (in terms of food and milkshakes)! It can be very crowded after school hours and at night. They open at 2pm and closes at 1 am. 

What to try? Cookie by midnight milkshake, French Fries (for sharing) and my favorite, pesto tomato sandwich!

Link: Classic Home Brew Facebook Page also, check this out! They have Google Map! 😀

 Price starts at 80 Php.


2. Cafe Juan Miguel

(#70 Medicion, Imus)

I love their pasta! ( This should be a coffee post topic but… try their spanish sardines pasta and adobo pasta). For me, one serving is good for sharing.

Of course they also offer coffee! They have unlimited brewed coffee all day! (Caution: Palpitation attack!) Also, you can watch HBO movies while they supply you free popcorn! Or watch boxing match (reservation).

Link: Cafe Juan Miguel Facebook, some of their menu have their prices posted on FB!

Prices starts at 100


3. Sugar Cube

The place i love to study. And yes, you can add sugar cubes on your coffee (just stating the obvious, haha)!

Aside from the main room, they also have al fresco area which is a perfect chill spot at night! Opens 11 am to 11pm everyday except on Mondays.

Try their Cappuccino and Oreo Overload Milkshake (non-coffee). Sandwiches are typical. Bolognese pasta is better than the sardines pasta though.

No available facebook page or google map. 😦

Prices starts at 80.


4. Real One Cafe

Along E. Aguinaldo Hi-way and just in-front of Justinville subdivision, this cafe just open recently (2016). The only coffee shop I have been to that ask whether I like it sweetened or not, brown sugar or white, hot or cold! They offer food such as burger and sandwich, not as many as the other cafe but it’s good for a start-up! Haven’t tried the food yet but the coffee is good, try ice latte with brown sugar!

Prices starts at 80.


ANDDDDDD…. still searching for that last spot on that top 5, last coffee shop! 


Its a good that local cafes are now a thing. Especially for busy people that doesn’t have enough time to brew their coffee or not a fan (anymore) of those 3-in-1 coffee that it isn’t effective anymore. Im guilty to that.

PS. im not a good photographer, i will add pictures soon i promise. 🙂

Bye! Enjoy coffee hunting!



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